Step-by-Step Research Guide

If you need some pointers on how to get started, follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Identify potential supervisors
Montreal is one the biggest hubs for research in the world so there are many supervisors looking for help! Good places to start are:

Montreal Neurological Institute:

Douglas Mental Health University Institute:

Centre for Research in Neuroscience:

McGill University Health Centre:

When choosing a potential supervisor, key things to look for are:

Type of research
– What would your job be?
– What skills would you learn?
– What skills can you bring?

– How many?
– Which journals?

Size of lab
– Smaller can be more personal
– Larger labs may have more going on and more you can get involved with

Step 2: Contact potential supervisors
The easiest way to contact a potential supervisor is by email. Websites will include contact information. Like applying for a job, your email should contain information on:

a)    Who you are
b)   Why you are interested
c)    Past experiences
d)   How many hours you are willing to work each week
e)   Your CV

Don’t be afraid to email a couple of potential supervisors and don’t be discouraged if someone doesn’t email you back – they are busy people!

Often, the research of some of your professors may interest you. Don’t be afraid to visit them after class and ask if they have space in their lab for you.

Step 3: Meet your supervisor and visit the lab

Once someone emails you back, you will probably be asked to meet them and tour their lab. Look presentable, friendly, enthusiastic, and come armed with questions! Be prepared to answer questions of their own. If you like the atmosphere and what you will be working on, you’re set! Congratulations! You’ve found a research position!

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