Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Academic Day

As a first-ever collaboration between NUM and SACS, we would like to present “Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Academic Day”


Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Academic Day has been meticulously organized for all science / cog-sci undergraduates, and is a purely academic event. We’ve organized it with the intention to enhance attendees’ educational experiences, and are proud to be hosting McGill graduate students and staff as guest presenters.
More specifically: The goal of this Academic Day is for attendees to learn more about neuroscience and cognitive science, by listening to presentations and personal stories from students with a neuroscience/neuropsychology/cog-sci background, participating in discussion, and questioning panel members in the afternoon. We want them to learn about the similarities between the two areas of research and academia, as well as what makes each field of study unique. More specifically, we have two sessions of presentations plans, a panel discussion (with guest panelists), and facilitated group discussion. We also have a free lunch for all attendees, from Lola Rosa!

This event was jam-packed with speakers, with presentations from graduate students in the morning to speeches from Dr. Cohen and Dr. Ragsdale and a panel discussion in the afternoon. Both attendees and presenters were impressed at how well-organized the event was.

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