VP Secretary — Justine Enns

Justine Enns / VP Secretary / U2

Favourite Brain Region: the thalamus- it’s just so involved in everything!

Hola fellow neurons! I’m Justine, your VP Secretary! I am a U2 Neuroscience major in Stream A. I am super psyched for all of our upcoming event especially our up-and-coming Winter Intramural team (which you can sign up for and vote on the sport using the Google form I posted)! I am a huge musical/ABBA fanatic and can, I kid you not, recite/sing the musical Mamma Mia by heart ( a potential buddy boding karaoke event??). Feel free to hit me up at office hours or between classes if you want to chill, talk about life, or eat delicious baked goods (I usually have one or two on me at all times). I’m looking forward to another awesome year with all of you guys