VP Internal — Timothé Langlois-Thérien

Timothé Langlois-Thérien / VP Internal & Aspiring Model / U3

Favourite Brain Region: Hypothalamus


WADDUP NERDS. I am Tim, U3 student and your VP Internal this year. I will have the hard task of replacing the incredible and talented Elvisha next semester, as well as to fiercely represent francophones. I gotchu all, Frenchies. This year, I am most excited to get involved in McGill’s diverse and dynamic community. Also, I can’t wait to present our new, awesome and fun initiatives this year (S/O to the Buddy Scavenger Hunt). Aside from council, I do research in Eric Shoudbridge’s lab at the MNI, working on cellular models of Parkinson’s. Basically, I run Western Blots. I also have a low-key interest for neuro philosophers’ mesmerizing and fascinating theories, and secretly aspire to become one. But as we do not have free will, I guess I cannot choose…