VP Finance — Jane Su

Jane Su / VP Finance / U3

Favourite Brain Region: Hippocampus. Where would I be without all my memories?

I’m Jane! VP Finance for you this year, writing the cheques and making things happen. I’m in U3 Stream C Neuroscience. This year I am most excited for the myriad of buddy events that will unfold! I love me some buddy timez! Aside from NUM I am also co-director for McGill’s Scientista Chapter which promotes the advancement of women in STEM. Aside from school, I’m also a mad baker so you can often find me in front of the oven with my trust mitts on. My fav McGill prof is Prof. Britt whose lab I did my 420 with last year. Hit me up for 1) Restaurant recommendations 2) Bake-off conversation 3) Advice for what I should do with my life after undergrad.