VP External — Lia Huo

Lia Huo / VP External / U2

Favourite Brain Region: parafascicular nucleus

Hey NUM Squad!!!
My name is Lia and I’m your VP External this year! My role is to represent our neuro fam at General Council (GC) meetings with SUS. I’m in U2 Stream C and most pumped for Wine and Cheese (counting down the days!) and all other bonding events. Aside from voting on motions during GC meetings, I’m also president of Fantasia, a club that hosts performances at retirement homes and hospitals. Hmu if you’d like to come out and perform! 
Otherwise, I can also be found creating all sorts of pasta dishes and doing my NSCI 420 on BNDF expressions and its role on Huntington’s. Come befriend me during office hours and let’s talk about the beauty of farfalle pasta and the tastiness of fettuccine