Grad Rep — Christina Maria Santella

Christina Maria Santella / U3 aka Grad Rep / U3

Favourite Brain Region: Auditory Cortex because how else would we be able to hear the beauty that is Jim Morrison??

I’m Christina, your Grad Rep, and I’m in U3 Stream A. This year, I’m most excited for the Year End Formal because who doesn’t like a good excuse to dress up and bond and forget about finals?? Aside from NUM, I love to explore the MTL art scene (s/o to Thérèse for our mutual dream of double PhD in Neuroscience/Art History) and I am obsessed with 60/70s music (holla if you want some good oldies recs). You can also find me hanging with the mice in Dr. Jeff Mogil’s pain lab where I’m completing my NSCI 420 project. There’s nothing I love more than chilling and talking about life (over tea, mostly wine, but anything really) so come see me during or outside of office hours, we can be friends <3 can’t wait for an incredible year with yall!