CEO — Amrit Sampalli

Amrit Sampalli / CEO / U3

Favourite Brain Region: nucleus accumbens. I’m pretty sure it’s yours, too.

HI NEUROSCIENCE! My name is Amrit Sampalli and I am your CEO this year. I am in the Honours stream and am entering my final year of the program. This year I’m super pumped for our 7th (!!!) annual Wine and Cheese. It’s happening in two days, so like, I’m SUUUPER pumped. Outside of NUM you can find me planning charity concerts with Jam for Justice McGill, studying mouse models of epilepsy with the lab of Dr. Sjöström, or scrolling through Facebook when I should be studying. Holler at me if you want to discuss some hotly debated NUM topics such as bagels vs samosas, the true spelling of moietee, and why more people should consider minoring in ophiology. I’m really excited to have a great year full of awesome events with all of you!