Neuroscience Undergraduates of McGill (NUM) as well as the neuroscience department at McGill is continuously looking to improve the program and the services we offer. The best way we can gauge what initiatives are working and what needs improvement is through YOUR feedback. We value all feedback, especially constructive criticism, so feel free to let us know what you really think!

Currently we have two surveys,

Neuroscience Department Evaluation

The survey itself is 18 multiple choice questions , and your answers will go a long way toward making this program better in the upcoming years. All answers are submitted anonymously. However, please be honest about your experience, because your answers are taken very seriously by the McGill staff.

NUM Continuous Academic Feedback Platform 2016-2017

This year, the Neuroscience Undergraduates of McGill is implementing a Permanent Online Academic Feedback Platform, where you can simply write your comments, concerns and/or suggestions about the Neuroscience undergraduate program. This platform also gives you the option to share academic-related information that you feel may be relevant to the NUM student body. You may have complete assurance that your comments will be kept (optionally) anonymous.

You can be confident that your concerns will be read and taken into consideration throughout the academic year, and if you choose to provide your name, and wish to discuss this further (see form), you will be contacted – depending on the specific concern/suggestion.

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