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Neuroscience Undergraduate Council Initiatives

What is the neuroscience council doing for you?

Our Events

NUM is planning out many events throughout the year. From our Wine and Cheese to Meet the Prof, to Science Games and Apartment Crawls. NUM has it all.

NUM Buddy Program

NUM emphasizes the importance of community through its buddy program. Upper year mentors are paired up with lower-year students one-on-one. NUM Buddy Program holds a variety of monthly events.

Our Resources

NUM has ample resources for both current and incoming students. We have NTCs for NSCI 200, course selection guide and many others! Come ask us in our office hours!


NUM acts as a liaison for neuroscience students and administration. It is dedicated to acting in the best interest of all students studying neuroscience.

We would love to hear your thoughts! Let us know what you think through our feedback forms!


Come join us in our upcoming social and academic events!
We strive to organize events for all students

Check out our facebook page for more information on our events.
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For U1's, If you're looking to start preparing for your NSCI 201 midterm on February 25th, NSCI 201 NTCs are ready to order! Come visit your U1 reps (Therese and Youssef) or come to our office hours to pay for a set! Each set (pre and post midterm) is $30, but it is $50 if you buy both sets right now!

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  • NSCI 201 NTCs

    Come and get your NSCI 201 NTCs during our office hours (or message your U1 Reps Therese and Youssef)

  • NUM Continous Academic Feedback Platform

    Please voice your comments and suggestions here

  • NUM Office Hours

    Every week Monday and Friday
    In addition, one floating Day every week
    Burnside Basement 1B22

Meet your 2015-2016 council

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Herie Sun

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Shawn Wen

Chief Executive Officer
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Henry Yu

VP Secretary
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Sara Vera Marjanovic

VP Communications
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Matthaeus Ware

VP Academic
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Ryan Kucera

VP Finance
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Jane Su

VP Sponsorship
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Elvisha Dhamala

VP Internal
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Eric Mitchell

VP External
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Sarah House

U3 Representative
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Amrit Sampalli

U2 Representative
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Therese Koch

U1 Representative
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Youssef El-Rahimy

U1 Representative

Our Sponsors

Check out our cool neuroscience clothing. Clothing from our fall order has arrived. Pick them up at the NUM office. Winter clothing orders are coming soon!

Interested in research or working in a lab at McGill?

Check out our research guide and our step-by-step approach for emailing professors here

Keep in Touch

Keep in touch with us by signing up for our weekly Listserv (McGill students only)
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